Are You Ready to Liberate Your Voice?

Are You Ready to Liberate Your Voice?

Are You Ready to Liberate Your Voice?

The Liberate Your Voice Mentorship is a 4-month Healing Journey and Spirit-Led Business Coaching for the woman who is ready to live a life of freedom, prosperity, and alignment with her soul’s purpose.

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What is Mentorship?

The Liberate Your Voice Mentorship was created for the woman who is passionate about her healing journey and running a feminine, spirit-led business.  She knows that expanding her business is really about expanding herself and is tired of overworking and hustling to achieve her dreams.  She’s ready and committed to making lasting changes in her life by doing the inner work to get into alignment with her soul’s purpose.  She has heart medicine and magic to offer the world, and is ready to step into her power, fully share her voice, and live a life of inner alignment, harmony, and abundance. 

How Do I Know If Mentorship is Right For Me?

How Do I Know If Mentorship is Right For Me?
  • Do you let the fear of expanding or achieving success sabotage your business goals?

  • Are you a healer/lightworker longing to bring more feminine flow into your business? 

  • Are you a spirit-led entrepreneur who is burnt out, tired of all the sleazy sales strategies, and just wants to help people and be paid her worth? 

  • Do you struggle with expressing yourself to show up vulnerably and authentically online? 

  • Do you come from a family of addiction, codependency, trauma, abuse, and are ready to finally break free of these patterns in your life and biz? 

  • Have you always longed to start your own spirit-led business but aren’t sure where to begin? 

You've come to right place.

You've come to right place.

You've come to right place.

I’m Lydia and I'm here to guide you to liberate your voice and lead with love, authenticity, and flow.  Keep reading to learn more about how we might work together. <3

Yes! I'm ready!



How Do We Work Together?

Think of me as your biz/life running buddy for the next 4 months.  We'll start by gently shining a light on any limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from feeling in alignment with your highest self.

Through therapeutic conversation, guided meditation, vocal toning, embodiment practices, feminine biz strategy, and breathwork, we’ll dive deep into what’s gotcha in a funk and get you back into that sweet flow that you were born to embody.  You'll receive continual support, accountability, and actionable steps, throughout our entire mentorship.

What kind of results can I expect?

  • Learn how to let go of the hustle for good and run a sustainable, profitable, and spirit-led feminine business (and life!)
  • Learn how to let go of your story, past-trauma, and limiting beliefs to gain confidence, clarity, and run a biz that flows with your feminine cyclical nature 
  • Learn how to co-pilot your biz with spirit, align your biz with your body, make decisions from love, and stop sabotaging your success
  • Learn how to tap into an unlimited resource of creative inspiration, divine abundance, guidance, and start attracting those ideal soul-mate clients with ease
  • Learn how to clear your energy field to regulate your nervous system and set boundaries to increase your capacity and longevity to hold space for your clients
  • Develop a deeper, more loving, and peaceful relationship with your body, voice, money, sexuality, business, and more!



What does Mentorship Include?


16 Coaching Calls. We meet 4 times a month on Zoom for 90 minutes. Private customized Spotify Playlist for Breathwork Healing.


Direct Communication & Support. Mentorship Clients have unlimited access to me through text, email, and video messages. Monday-Friday. I'm on call for you!


1 year of Virtual Offerings. Complimentary all-access pass to all Virtual Courses, Workshops, Group Classes for 1 year.

What makes you different from other coaches and facilitators?

I believe there's no "one size fits all" approach to coaching and no perfect roadmap for lasting transformation.  The principles I teach are all drawn from my personal experience I’ve learned in running an energetically sustainable, spirit-led business.  I practice what I preach, and am passionate about helping other women liberate themselves from societal conditioning dictating how they “should” be living their lives. Together we work on the inner and outer principles for success and view your business from a holistic, divine feminine perspective. 

I specializing in holding space for the big stuff.  I'm not afraid of diving into trauma, shadow work, and topics that can be difficult to share.  Mentorship is a judgment-free zone where you can feel safe to let all parts of yourself be fully seen and accepted.  Along with this, you can expect complete confidentiality and professionalism from me at all times.  

There's no hierarchy here.  I'm not your healer, rather here as a reflection to help you remember that everything you need to live a life of inner peace, prosperity, and purpose already exists within you.  And most importantly, we'll have some fun along the way!  I'll be here to remind you to enjoy the process and let Spirit do the heavy lifting. 

This Mentorship Was Created For...

The woman who is passionate about her healing journey and growing a spirit-led business.  She is committed to making lasting changes in her life and understands that every dollar she invests in her transformation will come back to her ten-fold.  It's for the woman who is ready to connect back to her intuitive flow, let go of her story, release emotional trauma and limiting beliefs, and finally learn how to show up as her authentic self in her business and life.   

Being a driven and open-minded person myself, I'm most called to work with other go-getters who are fully committed to their expansion and discovering their truth.  I expect clients to show up for their sessions on time and to take responsibility for implementing suggested practices into their daily lives. 

I also ask for 100% honesty, transparency, and willingness to try new things!  You'll be held accountable and encouraged to take consistent action through assignments and practices, and will receive full support as you surrender to the voice and guidance of your heart.  

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Let’s first set up your complimentary, no-commitment Breakthrough Call to see if Mentorship is a good fit for your journey.  In this call, you'll have the opportunity to share more about yourself and what you're looking to receive from Mentorship.  

To your expansion and liberation! 

xoxo Lydia

I'm ready, let's do this!

Client Love

"Every session with her is like a journey into the depths of my being, stirring up any unconscious blocks and helping me to release anxiety and stress. It feels like coming home to my true essence.  I can feel vulnerable and raw, and with Lydia I feel so safe and held.  She is the most amazing guide and holds such safe space with her gentle voice guiding you to release deeper and uncover more.  She creates an EXPERIENCE in every session from the way she sets intentions to the music to the way she guides the breath. I experience instant expansion, freedom and clarity from each session.  Doing this work has become an essential part of my life not only for my own wellness and expansion but for the clarity it brings me in my business and relationships as well."

-Alyssa L